The collections of Historic Ships in Baltimore consist of approximately 50,000 objects, photographs and documents pertaining to USS Constellation, USCGC Taney, USS Torsk, Lightship Chesapeake, and Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse.  These artifacts tell the stories not only of the ships and lighthouse, but of the thousands of brave sailor for whom these historic sites were a duty post, a home, and a way of life. 

New items, often donated by former crew members and their descendants, are rotated into exhibits so there are opportunities to see something new in future visits.



Aboard USS Constellation
A new food exhibit has replaced the old one on the gun deck while an additional display was set up on the berth deck.
Aboard Lightship 116 Chesapeake
Plans are underway to replace the mascot exhibit space with a new, hands on, exhibit on aids to navigation and how they signal ships at sea. New spaces will be opened up including crew’s quarters, the engine room fiddly, and the windlass room.
Aboard USS Torsk
Recently new information panels were hung throughout the boat, drastically increasing the amount of information available to visitors. New exhibits in crews birthing have also enhanced the visitor experience and will soon be joined by new exhibits in the sonar room and the control room.
Aboard USCGC Taney
A new collection of artifacts, donated by former crew member Dennis Brennon in now on display in crew’s berthing. A new interactive experience that allows you to walk in the paw prints of Soogie, the ship’s mascot dog during World War II, is now available. The ship’s lathe in the machine shop has been restored and a new interpretive program focusing on it’s use is currently under development.
At Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse
A new artifact, the ship’s bell from SS Danville is now on display.  Also new is an artifact exhibit on navigational instruments.

Artifact Donations

If you are interested in donating an an object, photograph, or document related to one of the sites that the Historic Ships operates, we would love hear from you.  Please note that all potential donations must be approved by the Curator of Historic Vessels or the Registrar before they are brought to the Museum.  Please do not bring items for donation to the Museum unannounced because staff will not be able to accept them. 

For information regarding the donation of an object pertaining to USS Constellation, please contact Registrar Dayna Aldridge at

For information regarding the donation of an object pertaining to USCGC Taney, USS Torsk, Lightship Chesapeake or Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, please contact Curator of Historic Vessels Paul Cora at