Due to the nature of their construction, portions of the Historic Ships may not be accessible to visitors with limited mobility. 

The topmost decks of USS Torsk, USCGC Taney and Lightship Chesapeake are accessed via gangways, the pitch of which varies depending upon the tides. 

The top deck (spar deck) of USS Constellation is accessed from the second floor of the museum building, which may be reached via a flight of stairs or a 1 person external wheelchair lift*.  The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse is elevated above the pier, and is accessed via two flights of exterior stairs.

The lower decks of all ships are accessed via ship's ladders, which are halfway between stairs and ladders (see images). The one exception to this is on USS Constellation where the second deck down (gun deck) can be accessed via a wheelchair lift*.   Many hatches (d00rs) on the steel ships are narrow and require visitors to step over a 6-8 inch sill.

Please feel free to call ahead and let us know that you are coming.  We will do our best to ensure that your visit is rewarding and without difficulty.


* Please note that the two wheelchair lifts on USS Constellation are designed to carry one passenger and a traditional style wheelchair.  Larger scooter-style mobility devices may exceed the manufacturer's weight limit for these lifts.

USCGC Taney Gangway Lighthouse Stairs

Gangway to USCGC TANEY

Staircase to 7 Ft. Knoll Lighthouse
USCGC Taney Ship's Ladder
Ship's ladder
(USCGC Taney)

Ship's ladder
(USS Constellation)

Hatch - raised sill
(USCGC Taney)