Powder Monkey Tour

The USS Constellation invites youngsters, six years old and up, to come on board to learn about the lives of the young boys who served as powder monkeys during the Civil War. Young "recruits" will find out through demonstrations and hands-on activities, how lads from eleven to eighteen lived in Mr. Lincoln's Navy.  Powder Monkey Tours provide the visitors with an exceptional glimpse into mid-19th century American naval life through the unique perspective of the young boys who served on fighting ships as powder monkeys.   

Powder Monkey Tours are available for groups by appointment.

Public Powder Monkey Tours are scheduled every Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 as part of our daily programming for visitors. 

To arrange your group experience contact:

Alexa Price
Historic Ships in Baltimore
Pier 1, 301 East Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202-3110

tel: 410-396-3453
e-mail: aprice@historicships.org