Plan a Visit

While on board the Historic Ships we hope that you will take advantage of the many activities and opportunities that await you. 

Pier 1: USS Constellation

Your first stop may be Pier 1 and an exploration of the Museum Gallery where USS Constellation's history is portrayed through artifacts and personal effects which belonged to the ship's crew.  Check out the Plan of the Day, a list of everything that will be taking place on board during your visit.  The plan of the day will tell you when the next live firing of the Parrott rifle will take place as well as the next Powder Monkey Tour. 

Once on board, uniformed crewmembers can answer questions and help to make your experience a memorable one.  There are four decks to explore, each one different.  The top or spar deck is where all sailing operations took place.  The next deck down is the gun deck where the ship's main battery of guns, the Captain's Cabin and the Galley are located.  Exploring further you will reach the berth deck where the majority of the crew lived and socialized, and going down one more ladder you will be in the ship's hold where food, water and gear for a crew of 325 was stowed.  Enjoy your visit, take a tour, talk to a crewmember, pull on some lines, do a gun drill, or see what's cooking in the galley. 

Pier 3: USS Torsk & Lightship 116 Chesapeake

From USS Constellation and Pier 1, proceed to Pier 3 to visit Lightship Chesapeake and USS Torsk

Living on board a lightship was no picnic.  Long boring days sitting on station and terrifying nights in storms made for a duty that took a very special person to fulfill.  While on board Chesapeake you can see the exhibit on sailor's Canine Companions. 

The US Submarine Torsk is a highlight of the Historic Ships collection.  Traversing the boat from stern to bow you will view the torpedo rooms, the navigation station, the operation station, the engine room, the crews mess and crew berthing areas.  You may even meet a former crewmember if you are there at the right time.  What is amazing is that over eighty sailors lived aboard Torsk in these very crowed conditions where the only way to pass someone was to turn sideways.

Pier 5: USCGC Taney & Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse

Moving on to Pier 5 you will find the US Coast Guard Cutter Taney and the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse. 

Taney was decommissioned in Baltimore in 1986 and remains much as the Coast Guard left her.  The tour of Taney takes you around the deck to the bridge and below decks to the berthing areas, mess deck, the wardroom (officer's quarters) and back onto the fantail. 

The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse contains an extensive exhibit on the building of the light as well as information on lighthouses around the Chesapeake region.  Built in 1856, it is one of the oldest Chesapeake lighthouses still in existence.  While visiting the lighthouse, be sure to enjoy the terrific view of Baltimore Harbor

Please use the following pages to help plan your visit. Here you will find information on how to get here, where to park, Museum hours, as well as programs and events which may be of interest to you.