Rental Information: USS Constellation

The USS Constellation offers a variety of options for your catered event. 

When you rent USS Constellation for your catered event, all four decks are exclusively available to you and your guests.   The ship can accommodate parties of up to 250 people.

For smaller events or meetings consider the Constellation Captain's Cabin.   For more then a century the captains of USS Constellation wined and dined dignitaries and planed strategies here in the heart of the ship.   Whether entertaining a client or just having a once in a lifetime family dinner, an event in the Captain's Cabin will be remembered forever.  Seating 14 comfortably, you can imagine you and your guests underway for the far side of the world.   The Captain's Cabin is equipped with heat and air conditioning for use year-round.


Have a party of more than 250 people?  Not problem when you rent Pier 1, Constellation Dock.   Events on Pier 1 accommodated parties of up to 500 people, and include full exclusive use of the Pier and USS Constellation.

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