Restoration - past, present, future

One of the most essential functions of Historic Ships in Baltimore is the ongoing maintenance and restoration of USS Constellation, USCGC Taney, USS Torsk, Lightship Chesapeake and the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse.  The Museum’s dedicated Maintenance & Restoration staff and corp. of volunteers work to ensure that these national treasures survive for future generations.  

On this page you can find information about current projects being underway at Historic Ships in Baltimore, as well as information on past restorations.


Current Restoration

Aboard USS Constellation

Planning is underway for several restoration projects on USS Constellation, including restoration of the ship’s head, painting of the topsides, and fabrication and installation of the davits for the three ships boats.  The maintenance staff continues fine-tuning the rigging after its overhaul this past winter.  All of these projects are expected to run into the fall.

Aboard Lightship 116 Chesapeake

This winter, work on Lightship Chesapeake is focused on maintenance of the ship's boiler and heating systems. The next major project will be repairs and painting of the deck.

Aboard USS Torsk

Work continues on the Torsk deck repair project, focusing on the grinding and repainting paint of Torsk's port side.

Aboard USCGC Taney

The painting of Taney's fantail has been completed.  New bunk railings are being fabricated for the racks in crew's berthing.  Taney is being made more watertight by patching holes in the ET shop.  Upcoming projects include perform a major overhaul of the plumping in the aft part of the ship, painting the forward superstructure, and attempting to get one of the AN/SPS 64 surface search radar antennas spinning.

At Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse
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Past Restoration

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