Evening Mariner Series

These evening, after-hours programs offer visitors private access to one or more of our museum ships where you'll interact closely with staff, and enjoy a special program or tour exploring various themes and aspects of our vessels not available to the everyday visitor.

Evening Mariner Series programs are offered once per series, and program topics vary between series. See below for upcoming program offerings.

Summer 2021 Series

Each program starts at 7:30pm and lasts about one hours, plus time for questions. Program participants should plan to arrive at the ship specified where you will meet the program host.

July 17th, 7:30pm - Submarine Disasters!

USS Torsk

This special, after-hours tour of USS Torsk will tell the stories of several significant submarine disasters and explore theories about why they happened. Walk among spaces and equipment to see examples of where things went wrong for these fateful vessels.

August 7th, 7:30pm - Naval Medicine in the Civil War.

- USS Constellation

Witness Ship's Surgeon Bradford Stone demonstrate various medical practices and theories used aboard ship during the Civil War.

August 28th, 7:30pm - Mission of Mercy.

USS Constellation's 1880 delivery of food and supplies to the starving people of Ireland was one of many humanitarian missions for this ship. Hear the story of this heroic effort aboard the ship where it happened. Join Conor Conneally for a special talk on board USS Constellation. This talk marks the 141st anniversary of Constellation’s arrival in the port town of Cobh.

Special Program Pricing

You can get tickets for an individual program or a discount for the entire series. Click the ticket link in a program to register for it, or use the link below to get a discounted ticket to all three.

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Single Program3-Program Series Package
Adult (21+) $10.00

Adult (21+) $25.00

Teen/Student (15-20) $8.00Teen/Student (15-20) $20.00
Youth (14 and under) $6.00Youth (14 and under) $15.00