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Historic Ships is the proud host of retirement, reenlistment, commissioning, and promotion ceremonies throughout the year. These events are special for the ships because they help bring our historic ships to life in a way that few other events can. They also provide a connection from the past to the present and honor the heritage of our maritime services. As such we are happy to provide a chance to provide a memorable location to celebrate career milestones. To arrange for a Military Ceremony, please start by reviewing our policies and submitting the inquiry form below:

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Ceremony Pricing

Group Size*

**The honoree, officiant, photographers, set-up crew, and guests all count as part of the group size.

Be sure to read and familiarize yourself with our policies and terms shown below.

Ceremony Policies and Terms
  1. Confirmation is contingent upon the museum receiving this form completed and signed.
  2. Historic Ships in Baltimore does not promise or guarantee use of any museum equipment, nor to privatize any part of a vessel. All spaces remain open to public. We do have about 25 wooden folding chairs and a crude lectern available for use, but the organizer is responsible for set-up and arranging them.
  3. Ceremony organizer is responsible for ceremony set-up and providing personnel to do so. Museum staff are not available for set-up. Organizers are also responsible for take-down and returning the ship to the same condition prior to the ceremony.
  4. Ceremonies, set-up, and take-down will occur during the museum’s normal hours of operation only (Opening time: 10:00am. Closing time varies.)
  5. Chairs may not be set up more than 30 minutes prior to the event, nor prior to 10:00am. Do not plan to arrive for set-up before 10:00 am.
  6. There is no cost for 4 or fewer attendees, but donations are much appreciated. (benchmark of $5.00 per attendee) Place all donations in the donation box on site. Checks are payable to: “Historic Ships in Baltimore”
  7. Smoking is prohibited in the museum and on the ships.
  8. Group refreshments are not permitted on board or in the museum building, except for after-hours events arranged through our Event Coordinator.
  9. Ceremonies will be limited to a maximum duration of one hour.
  10. This contract does not commit any museum staff to working for or participating in any process of the ceremony. Museum staff are available for questions and direction, but all set-up and participant roles are provided by the honoree or organizer.
  11. Organizer agrees to obey museum staff authority during the ceremony, and museum staff has the right to limit, restrict, or prohibit activities that go beyond the scope of those allowed by this agreement.
  12. Attendees and participants who arrive early will wait on board the ship or on Pier 1 in front of the museum building. They may not wait inside the museum, building. The Constellation ADA elevator is for the use of the disabled persons only.
  13. Historic Ships in Baltimore does not provide storage space aboard or in the ship’s museum building, and the ship does not assume responsibility for items temporarily stored aboard ship. Place Sword cases, awards, boxes, electrical equipment, clothing items, etc. with a designated member of the unit or family.
  14. All attendees are welcome to tour the ship at their leisure either before or after the ceremony.
  15. Persons desiring to combine a ceremony with other activities such as a reception, music, refreshments, or dancing, may reserve the ship for a time after normal hours of operation. Reserve an evening on board by contacting the Director of Promotions & Special Events, Natalie Halpern, at 202-697-1620 or
  16. Any required payments or balances (if applicable) are due 3 business days prior to ceremony date.

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