Overnight Adventures

Join us on board for a unique overnight adventure! Get an immersive hands-on historic experience with 21st century relevance that encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and learning.

Walk in the footsteps of sailors and learn about life aboard a mid-19th century Navy sailing warship, a World War II era Navy Submarine, or a Coast Guard Cutter that served for 50 years, including witnessing the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Just as importantly, groups have fun!

Programs are available for groups 7 days a week, on-demand, year-round. Saturday evening programs are the most popular and tend to require booking months in advance. Programs are available for kids 6 and up and run from 5pm until 9am the next day. Simply fill out the form below for more information and to check availability for your preferred dates!

Overnight Programs Postponed until Sept. 2021

Due to COVID19, and the uncertainty around large group activities and evolving guidelines, Historic Ships is currently booking overnight adventures in September 2021 and beyond.

USS Constellation Overnight Adventure

Participants: 20–60

USS Constellation Sample Schedule | USS Constellation Menu

Come on board and walk in the footsteps of sailors, learning about life aboard a mid-19th century, U.S. Navy sailing warship. Your group will learn the ropes and quickly develop a working nautical vocabulary. Sleep in traditional hammocks and eat around a mess cloth on the deck to experience the tight living conditions on board. Learn about the benefits and downsides to working on an all-sail warship by hauling cargo, pulling ropes to adjust the ship, and moving and "firing" replica fiberglass cannons.

Read more about USS Constellation history.

USS Torsk Overnight Adventure

Participants: 20–32

USS Torsk Sample Schedule | USS Torsk Menu

USS Torsk overnight program offers a hands-on experience aboard a WWII fleet submarine. Due to the close quarters on board USS Torsk, meals and hands-on activities take place on Lightship Chesapeake, located on the same pier. Tours, scavenger hunts, and sleeping takes place on USS Torsk. Overnighters learn about things that are unique to submarines including periscopes, torpedoes, buoyancy, and how submarines manage to exist below the surface.

Read more about USS Torsk history.

USCG Cutter 37 Overnight Adventure

Participants: 20–80

USCG Cutter 37 Sample Schedule | USCG Cutter 37 Menu

Stay aboard the last surviving warship from the Battle of Pearl Harbor. Activities encourage teamwork, communications skills, and quick thinking. Learn firsthand about shipboard damage control, steam engines and propulsion, and navigation. Get an up-close look at closed spaces such as the Engine Room, Navigation Bridge, and Gun Mount. This site is best for large groups, scouts new to camping, or mixed gender groups who prefer separate sleeping areas.

Read more about USCG Cutter 37 history.

Customer Testimonial:

“…To any group wondering if the experience is worth it, I need to say unequivocally yes. There is no doubt in my mind that our children walked away from that night knowing things that they never knew before.”


Group Size

20 participants are required at minimum for all ships. The maximum number of participants varies by the program location; USS Constellation is limited to 60 participants, USS Torsk 32, and USCG Cutter 37 80. Groups of 10-20 can be accommodated on an evening with another confirmed group of 20 or more.


The cost per participant is $57 ($47 if the program takes place in July or August).

Non-refundable, non-transferable deposits are based on group sizes:

  • 20-29 participants: $200
  • 30-44 participants: $300
  • 45+ participants: $400

The final balance is due no later than 60 days prior to the program date.

Waivers & Insurance

All participants under 18 must submit an Overnight Parental Release Form filled out by their parent or guardian; adult participants must submit an Overnight Adult Waiver Form. In addition, all groups must provide a Certificate of Insurance with $1,000,000 in coverage for bodily injury and property damage. This certificate must name the Living Classrooms Foundation, Inc. and Historic Ships in Baltimore, Inc. as additional insured. Certificates of Liability shall be forwarded to the museum no later than the balance due date. For Scouting BSA and Girl Scouts, the Certificate of Insurance is fulfilled by your local council.

Download Adult Waiver Form

Download Parental Release Form

Inquiries about Reservation Availability
Overnight Request Form


What time does the program begin and end?

The program runs from 5pm to 9am.

I have a scheduling conflict. Can I arrive late or leave early?

We recommend the majority of the group arrive on time. Late arrivals of individuals can be easily accommodated with your group organizer and the museum. Individuals or entire groups may leave early.

Can we bring other children?

Yes, siblings are welcome. For siblings younger than first grade, please contact the Education Department.

Do the ships have A/C or heat?

USS Constellation is a wooden, Civil War-era sailing ship and does not have a central A/C or heating system. It. Conditions are similar to winter tent-camping. It is not recommended for Cub Scouts in January and February. It is appropriate for Boy Scouts year-round.

USS Torsk and USCG Cutter 37 have a central A/C and heating system. They are historic systems and will not provide the heat a building would.

How far ahead should I plan our event?

Spring is the most popular time for overnight programs. To ensure the dates they want, groups frequently register 3-8 months prior to a given date.

Will our group be the only one onboard?

You may share a vessel, but with either a Cub Scout pack or a Boy Scout troop. We would not book Girl Scouts on the same program. USS Torsk only has one group at a time. We reserve the right to fill USS Constellation and USCG Cutter 37 to capacity.

I have a small group of less than 20. Can we still attend?

Yes, we can accommodate groups of 10 or more in a program with another confirmed group.

I have food sensitivities. Can we change the menu? Can I bring my own food?

Vegetarian options are available on all sites. We do not make substitutions to the menu. Those with severe sensitivities or allergies are welcome to bring their own food. There is a microwave available for use on all sites.

What about a weather emergency?

For severe weather emergencies in Baltimore City, the museum may cancel a program. If the museum cancels, groups are entitled to a rescheduled event or a full refund.

For questions unrelated to booking a reservation
Other Inquiries Form

To get answers to your questions, please complete the form below: