Historic Ships Campaign

Living Classrooms seeks to secure $3,000,000 in private philanthropic funds (in addition to the State and City’s contribution of $2.8m) to preserve these 4 ships and the lighthouse for the next 20 years. Our ships are “living classrooms” for the thousands of students who take part each year in educational tours, overnight adventures, and a myriad of learning opportunities. The ships are also major cultural attractions, bringing hundreds of thousands of people annually to Baltimore's Inner Harbor to hear and revisit the stories of the thousands of brave sailors for whom these historic sites were a duty post, a home, and a way of life.

Help support the goal!

Now is the Time!

The time is now to preserve our Historic Ships before they deteriorate into an irreparable state of disrepair. Securing $3,000,000 will put us on a course to preserve the
historic legacy and physical integrity of our ships. With your support, Living Classrooms can continue to bring history alive, and preserve these important historic sites well into the future.

Capital Costs for our Historic Ships

The campaign will invest $6,000,000 toward costs of preserving our Historic Ships over the next three years.

Maintenance and capital expenses cost an average of $2.2m each year. Bringing total costs over the next 15 years to more than $30m.

Our initial investment of $6m, while a small percentage of overall costs, will help sustain the ships through 2024 barring any unforeseen circumstances.